Sunday, March 20, 2011

We have returned from fisherman's cove, and safely back in Chennai proper. Tonight is a big cricket tournament in Chennai, and there are cricket guys everywhere in the hotel. I wish they would not be in the way as we were checking in.

Sara, about that beach, the water is warm, and there were some guys trying to surf, but it appeared to be 2-3ft waves, and not so much surfers. There is a FIERCE strong undertow, and almost no swimmers.

At Fish Cove, waiting for Mathavan our driver, we sat out on the porch at the hotel, and it was ~ 94 and humid, but a nice breeze, very Texan acceptable, not very "fat lazy Texan used to living in Nor-Cal" acceptable however. I am wimpy now.

The drive back was good, although Colleen was terrified every car we passed. She was convinced we were second from being in a driver's ed film.

I got a photo of family of 4 on a small bike, but they were turning, and kid in middle is sleeping. Colleen got a great photo of a blonde family of 4 on a Royal Enfield Bullet coming back, but has no way to upload her photos yet.

she said "summary of driving in Chennai, we just honked and passed an ambulance with its lights flashing

Dinner and visit tonight with some friends, then work tomorrow.

Can we move to Fisherman's Cove?
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